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Synchronization algorithms

Some of the key characteristics of Allway Sync synchronization algorithms are:

  • Implements true all-way (two-way, three-way, etc.) synchronization.
  • Uses only standard file system services. Does not require system injection, hooks, drivers or any other means that can make your system harder to manage.
  • File and folder metadata for each synchronization session is collected and stored in a database.
  • The most recent file version is determined based on a combination of file attributes, size and time-stamp (not just the file modification time).
  • To ensure the safety of your data, when there is uncertainty as to which file is the most recent, the user is prompted for confirmation.
  • Multiple instances of Allway Sync with access to a common file system can share common metadata databases.
  • In the event of network, hardware, or software failures during synchronization, none of your data is damaged.
  • Optimized to meet a high standard of performance.
  • Stores information about deleted files and folders in the metadata database.
  • Does not rely on the accuracy of the file system or computer clock.
  • Creates and maintains the proper folder structure when needed to properly synchronize files and folders.
  • Synchronize data other than simple files, including: registry keys, database records, messages, contacts, playlists, etc.

These algorithms were developed by a team of prominent mathematicians, and provide many unique benefits to the users of our software.

Licensing for software companies is available, please contact us if interested.