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Allway Sync user reviews

"This synchronisation software is really easy to use"

Just select the drives you want to link up in the boxes at either side of the screen, then click "analyse" to see where they are different, and then "synchronise" to copy any files across. This kind of software is great if you have a laptop you take with you on the move or you want to keep your email archives updated when you have been sending out messages from your handheld device.

Kate Russell, BBC News, UK Edition

"Allway Sync is an awesome value for the price, and you even include tech support and lifetime upgrades!"

I just wanted to say Thank You for creating such a great product. I've extensively tried at least 5 other synchronization tools over the last year. I started using Allway Sync about 2 months ago and recently purchased the Pro version. Only one other tool came close to providing the features that I needed, but it had a lesser feature-set and was cumbersome to use. Allway Sync has all the features and options I need and even more, and the user interface is very intuitive and simple to use. To be honest, the Allway features enabled me to do some things I didn't even previously consider for my desktop data: for example automatically synchronizing to multiple locations. Now I use that feature for my really valuable data. I highly recommend this tool to anyone searching for a way to synchronize files from laptop to desktop, as well as anyone wanting to make online backups of important files to an external USB/Firewire hard drive or to another networked system.

Mike Molaison, Program Manager, Hewlet-Packard

"Having Allway Sync on hand is a blessing"

I run a small animation studio. I have been very busy lately and generating load of file every day. Having Allway Sync on hand is a blessing. Every time I go for a cup of coffee I simply run the app and everything is backed up on an external drive. I have 2 computer here plus I use an online render farm, so I am working with over a Terabyte of data on one project alone. I can't believe how simple and fast ti is to keep my files backed up and more importantly clean, as I delete old renders they are not left on my back up drive.

Robert Waterworth, Animation Producer, Ontario, Canada

"Updates are frequent, and support is excellent."

This powerful tool synchronizes the contents of folders over a network or to external storage. It's all fast and very easy. You can make it more complicated if you want, by setting options to define the direction of sync, include deletions, work with removable devices, and so on. I use the Automatic Sync feature to scan for changed files in my Current Work folder and back them up to a remote drive every 10 minutes. I especially like this company's approach to licensing. At those prices I actually purchased a couple extra licenses just to support these guys.

Ed Bott, Technology Writer, ZDNet Columnist

"Thanks for a great product"

I have tried around a dozen file sync programs recently to find one that actually works and yours is the best.

Tim Willsey, Offworld Engineering

"The Best Free Software in Backup/Sync category"

Sync files between your PC and an external drive, filtering by folder, file name, or file type. The program displays warnings about questionable files before syncing.

Eric Griffith and PC Magazine Staff, PCMAG.COM

"This is what lot of people were waiting for and it works 100% perfect"

I use it to synchronize via USB-Stick my office-pc with my home-pc and my laptop. If the same files on laptop and PC were changed compared with the stick there are 2 or 3 sync cycles needed (dependent on which machine I start with the stick) to have 3 identical files everywhere - great!

Robert Bihlmayer, Germany

"I have even shown my appreciation by purchasing the pro version!"

I needed a way more effecient than Microsoft Briefcase, that gave the synchronised folders normal views, had the ability to synchronise with, not just mirror, a source and was automated. This program fufilled all these requirements, and i've yet to find any bugs with it at all!

Peter Springett, Pro User

"As advertised, mirrors 2 folders"

I am a university student and I need to write file names in Japanese. Your program is the only program that has ever been able to sync japanese file names.

Kerry Scarth, Academic User

"I just wanted to say thanks for creating a new "gold standard" in software"

With very regular updates and real improvements over the early versions, you have done for data synchronisation what WinZip did for compression. Your strategy of providing an excellent product to the masses for free is an amazing example of which all involved should be sincerely proud.

Si Mico, UK, Bio-Diagnostics

"VERY impressed with Allway Sync"

My problem was simple enough: Sync 2 directories between a Windows 2003 server in my office and my Novell Network drive at a certain time every day. There was no product that could do it, and believe me I looked! Allway Sync came to the rescue with a SIMPLE basic setup and 3 clicks each day and my problem is solved. It is the ONLY prduct I know that will sync between 2 networking protocols (Novell and Windows 2003 Server)

David Wiles, User

"This is EXACTLY the utility I have been looking for"

It is designed for exactly my purpose: transferring files between 2 PCs on a USB key. THANK YOU for making something so easy to use, apparently accurate - and for free!!? WOW! I have used it a few times in the last 15 minutes since discovering it on, enough to know it's doing what I was trying to do with SynchronEX or FolderMatch but they are way too complicated for this purpose.

Ron Lichtwardt, User

"Intuitive Design, and function"

The interface is intuitive and instructive. The functionality is exactly what I was looking for.

T'Pol, CNET User

"Simply the best I have used for this purpose, and I have tried a lot"

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent product that does everything I need without fuss, without complication, and it seems without missing one single step. Recently I was happy to purchase it in order to gain full use of the product, which I use at the end of every day.

Pastor Peter Ballantyne. B.Th. Cert.Ch.Min., New Zealand

"What's amazing is how you made it so simple."

Unbelievable utility. Been trying to figure out MS Briefcase for months and finally gave up. Then I found Allway Sync. EASY to use and IT WORKS!!

Jim Corter, Executive Coach, Corter Consulting

What a fantastic utility! I have downloaded half a dozern utilities which promised much but turned out to be novelties of no useful value. In contrast Allway Sync is very useful. A friend recommended your product which I was amazed to find does 'just what it says on the tin' and so simply.

Rich Nelmes, UK

"Just a note to say "thanks" for creating such a great product"

I've tested all the file-sync programs I can find, big names and small, and your Allway Sync program is an absolute winner. Small and unobtrusive, fast, deceptively powerful, intuitive interface, reasonable price- just what I needed. I did not find this combination of features and value in any other product. My most pressing need was to keep files closely synced between local hard drives and removable media, so I could unplug and go at a moment's notice with the USB drive, being assured all my files were identical. It wasn't practical to create new sync-only directories, and I was looking for a program that could automatically detect changes, do the sync according to my parameters, act as a "watchdog" in the background on either drive, and just advise me on completion/exceptions once I set it up. Allway Sync Pro does all this and more. After 10 minutes testing out the Freeware version, I gladly paid for the upgrade to Pro. It has worked well for me since. I just set up for "detect changes all way sync", 1 minute duration, and the program does the rest. I think the graphics "from-to" visual is intuitively important to keep (logic errors easier to spot), and you have that, combined with a detailed job stream approach in a separate window, giving the best of both worlds without cluttering up either. The tree-structure option menu allows for infinite rules at-a-glance (a very nice surprise to find all the functionality available here), and very intuitive. I didn't have to refer to the documentation once while setting up. And I love how the file attributes (date, etc) aren't changed even though the files are updated! Shows me at a glance the history of my actual updates, not just syncs. Very nice and useful touch. I used to work in IT and know how hard it is to get the right balance between usability and power in software design. I really like what you've done here, and will be recommending it highly to my friends.

Jeff Viehmeyer, Alameda, CA

"Thanks so much and here's to continued solid programming!"

I have been using Allway Sync for about a month now in order to sync files between my workstation at work and my laptop. Not only has it been working wonderfully, catching some conflicts that other sync apps would not have caught, but is so well written and intuitive that novice or a professional computer user can use it. Well, today, I got the notice that I had been synching large amounts of data over the past month and that I should obtain a license. Initially disconcerted, I looked to the statistics and the files that I was synchronizing, and was a bit surprised of the size of the files. So I started to think I would let this lie for a couple of days. Well as the morning was going on, I realized that I could not wait. I needed these files synchronized on my laptop at all times. I apparently had wrapped my workflow over the past month around the usage of your product!! Did not even realize it. So I hoped on the net and expected to pay a decent amount for this invaluable app, when I realized that it was only 19.95?!?! I love your product, I love that you are dedicated to reasonable software prices and are dedicated to your users.

Don Daly-DeYoung, Applications Developer, Coinstar Inc.