Allway Sync 'n' Go

When your USB flash drive or portable hard drive is plugged into any Windows computer you get access to your synchronization application and personal data just as if you would be on your own PC. Sync the data by Allway Sync 'n' Go, then unplug the device to take your data with you (See other Allway Sync editions).


Allway Sync 'n' Go benefits:

  • It runs directly from a USB flash drive or an external HDD;
  • No installation on computer is required;
  • Works even if software installation is not allowed;
  • When the removable device is pulled out the sync software is removed from PC.

Allway Sync 'n' Go: Portable Application Format (PAF).

If you have a PAF Launchpad installed on your portable device you can use an alternative Allway Sync 'n' Go download in PAF format. To learn more about PAF applications see Portable software for USB drives. Download PAF installer and save it to any folder. Then in PAF Launchpad use "Options Programs | Install a New App" and select the downloaded file.