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Allway Sync Key Features

Synchronize all your devices

Sync data between your desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and more.

Free software

Free for personal use synchronization software. No spyware, adware, or malware.

Easy user interface

Easy-to-use Windows graphical user interface.

True synchronization

Performs true bi-directional and n-way file and folder synchronization. Forget about backup and restore routines.

Synchronization history

File modifications and deletions are tracked in a local database, so Allway Sync knows the true history of your files - no unnecessary questions asked.

Data loss prevention

Our innovative, proprietary algorithms do not rely on the accuracy of the system clock or network connection quality. So, Allway Sync helps prevent data loss.

Differences report

Generates a full report of differences between synchronization folders.

Detection of deletions

Synchronizes folders well. Allway Sync detects when folders are removed from one device and removes them from any other corresponding synchronization targets.

Synchronize any file system

Allway Sync virtually supports any file system (FAT, NTFS, SAMBA, Netware, X-Drive and more).

Backup and restore

A good way to backup and restore files if you run Allway Sync in one-way synchronization mode.

Synchronize multiple folders

Capable of synchronizing more than two folders.

Network synchronization

Synchronize data between your desktop PCs and laptops over a network.

Multiple synchronization jobs

Specify independent synchronizarion parameters for any number of sets of folders (multiple jobs).

Synchronize via an intermediate device

Transfer documents from one computer to another using an intermediate removable drive.

Bring your data with you

Or just synchronize with a removable device (USB key, flash drive) so that you always have your data with you.

No file size limits

Supports files of any size that is supported by source and destination file system.

Flexible configuration

Flexible configuration and customization.