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What kind of data does Allway Sync keep synchronized?

Our primary goal is to help you safeguard and transfer your most valuable data: the files that you create yourself (directly or indirectly) - they cannot be replaced by anyone else. These include your MS Office documents, pictures, text files, contacts, password manager data or any other files your applications work with. We do this by distributing a reliable application that provides enhanced data synchronization services. Data replication between multiple computers or with a removable drive allows you to use and modify those files when and where you want: at home, in the office, on a business trip, etc. As an added bonus, you get data backup with no extra effort.

It's a good idea to synchronize some application data files, too. For example, you may want to add Internet Explorer favorites at work and see them at home and vise-versa. Just synchronize the Internet Explorer favorites directories on both computers with a USB drive. The IE favorites folder is usually located at C:\Users\Username\Favorites.

Of course, synchronization of other types of data works, too. Synchronize an archive of downloaded software between your desktop PC and your laptop over a local network before you leave home. You can then install and use that software in flight. Or, perhaps you'd like to keep your media file collection in sync among all your computers and media player devices, such as MP3 players.