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We need your specific knowledge to make Allway Sync even better. Our company has developed a crowdsourcing web site where users like you can become a part of the project by localizing, proofreading, copywriting, and completing other intellectual tasks needed for the development. You can also contribute your skills in other projects posted on the WhoYouAsk site. Or, if you need someone's help with a project you develop, you can post your own tasks on WhoYouAsk.

How to localize Allway Sync?

To translate (localize) Allway Sync user interface into your language:

  • Go to WhoYouAsk crowdsourcing service.
  • Login with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account (or create one).
  • Locate the Allway Sync localization task.
  • Download the XLIFF formatted file with English phrases.
  • Using an XML or text editor, translate the English phrases into your language.
  • If another translation already exists, use it as a starting point. However, feel free to correct the previous translation if necessary.
  • Upload your translated file onto WhoYouAsk.
  • We will verify your file and include it into the next Allway Sync release.

Thank you in advance.

Active contributors are entitled to complimentary Allway Sync Pro licenses. Please email us.

Have questions or suggestions? Let us know.


Special thanks to the following who have helped with translations:

  • Markus Feichtinger
  • Kai Evers
  • Michael Esser
  • Mario Pena
  • Laurent Taupin
  • Alain Escadafal
  • Giulia Scerrato
  • Arjan Nales
  • Gui Dudal
  • Welman Jordan
  • Toomas Tomberg
  • Ueli Waldispuhl
  • H Takumi
  • Prodromos Makridis
  • Bob Eigode
  • Piotr Bulczak
  • Mohammad Fareed
  • Juhani Valtasalmi
  • Alex Martinius
  • Rui Morais
  • Cristiano de Souza Silva
  • Marcos Costa
  • Carl Verschuren
  • Uhrinyi Daniel
  • De Lorenzi Alain
  • Iwo Jimy
  • Stas Kuzyakin
  • Federico Corazza
  • Harald Dau
  • Matthias Roth
  • Andreas Alarmic
  • Max Log
  • Georg Reimann
  • Martin Zajicek
  • Marc Doberin
  • Stefan Gebhardt
  • David Holman
  • Jimmy Tse
  • Eddy Delcourt
  • Chankyu Park (Sushizang)
  • Franci Jerala
  • Marien de Gelder
  • Tom Roca
  • Erlend Dahl
  • Ren Wedel
  • Yoshihiko Kawai
  • Ondrej Blaha
  • Kirksak Assawadarakorn
  • Ramunas Vaitkevicius
  • Jahongir Haitov
  • Axel Scheiwe
  • Hua YOU
  • Simone Mazzucconi