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Data backup with Allway Sync

Unlike classic backup solutions, Allway Sync works by copying data both ways (all ways). Each synchronized folder always contains a copy of its other synchronization-partner folders. So, effortless backup is a natural result of synchronization.

Forget the regular backup/restore routine. Just synchronize document folders on primary computer with any backup device. The backup device can also be used for instant read/write access to your data.

You can use a local drive or another computer in the network as your backup device. Using a separate physical device provides protection in case of hard drive mechanical failure.

Another option is to backup to a removable device (USB key, Flash drive, MP3 player, digital photo camera, etc). Then, your documents are always with you, ready to view or modify. With synchronized replicas of your data on your home or office system, losing your USB drive isn't a disaster - you still have copies on your primary system.